62 year mini loan for early retirement


A novelty in the economic field, which may interest many Italians, is the possibility of accessing the early retirement pension of 2/3 years, by workers who still have a few years left to reach retirement age , and request a small loan .

Those who have lost their jobs, and who are only a few years away from retirement, will have access to the request for early retirement .

How to access early retirement in the form of a loan


Individuals who no longer have a job but who have not reached retirement age, and who do not benefit from redundancy or mobility, who are 62 years old and have 35 years of contributions, have the credentials to access the request of a mini loan .

Micro Glass family for the unemployed

This is a micro glass family for those who are unemployed, but who will not have access to credit for free. When in fact the subjects will be in possession of the pension requirements of the

Reform, the pensioners will have to return the requested amount

Reform, the pensioners will have to return the requested amount

The Fornero reform, announced the Letta government, will be modified in the Save Italy Decree, especially on the issue of early retirement. The retirement age will be between 62 and 65, with 35 years of contributory seniority, but the social security allowance will be penalized by 8%. This will be the tool to ensure that those with liquidity needs can access a figure, which must then be returned in a penalizing manner.

The problem concerns the costs, so says the minister: “The mechanism of the penalties in fact, does not allow to have a certain estimate of how many people will retire in a year and therefore of what the INPS will have to shell out. The theme anyway – has specified – will be addressed with the social partners “.

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